Chesapeake Community Information

The city of Chesapeake covers 229,640 acres and is home to more than 180 manufacturers, major oil, petroleum and chemical companies and hundreds of farms. This dynamic mix of industry, service, and agriculture is the backbone of Chesapeake's economy. The city includes 12 major industrial and commercial areas. Chesapeake also boasts one of the nation's highest concentrations of scientists and engineers. Home to 60 plus foreign-based companies from 15 different countries, the city truly embraces the concept of the ?global village.? All of these factors combine to make the entire Hampton Roads area one of the hottest high-tech sectors in the country.

In addition to the civilian high-tech sector, the area is also home to a work force of exiting military personnel and military spouses who provide a constant supply of knowledgeable, highly trained employees to the Hampton Roads area. Chesapeake offers access to the Port of Hampton Roads from its tributaries, as well as the Norfolk Naval Base, which makes it an ideal location for maritime, shipbuilding, and military-related business. The city's proximity to the world's largest natural harbor makes it ideal for all types of business, military and civilian alike.

Chesapeake also takes great pride in its educational system. The city is home to an excellent school system as well as several community and four-year colleges, a medical school and two law schools. Chesapeake has a favorable student-teacher ratio of 19.1 to 1 and a unique policy whereby it ?guarantees? its public high-school graduates to their employees. If a company hires a graduate who is unable to perform his or her duties due to a deficiency in reading, writing, or math skills, the school system will retrain the worker at no cost to the employer. The Chesapeake school system also employs more teachers with master's degrees than any other in Virginia.

Chesapeake is home to an extensive parks and recreation network. City Park encompasses 75 acres of open space and treed land, and is also the site of the annual Horseshoe Tournament and the city's first Dog Park. Another well-known recreational area is the Great Bridge Lock Park, located along the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway. Great Bridge Lock Park hosts the annual re-enactment of the historic Battle of Great Bridge, the first battle of the Revolutionary War to be fought on Virginia soil. The city has many parks and play areas specifically geared toward children (such as City Park's ?Fun Forest?), and walkers and bikers will enjoy the year-round access to Chesapeake's network of trails. For those who prefer the water, the city also has many aquatic trails, rivers, lakes, canals and creeks accessible by canoe to motor yacht. Chesapeake is also bordered by the state of North Carolina to the south and is a short one hour drive to the popular Outer Banks of North Carolina.

While the city of Chesapeake was incorporated just four decades ago, the area has a history that stretches back to 1607 when English ships sailed through the harbor and established the first permanent settlement at Jamestown (located at the western edge of what is now Hampton Roads.) Chesapeake's Dismal Swamp Canal was first envisioned by George Washington in 1763, and is now on the National Registry of Historic Places. The Hampton Roads area saw a great deal of action during the Civil War, with the ?Battle of the Ironclads? taking place in the port and changing naval warfare forever. Chesapeake's strategic location in Southeastern Virginia made it an important site in the forging of the history of America, and that ideal location makes it just as important and accessible today as ever.

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